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Indoor Outdoor Bathroom
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The Indoor Outdoor Bathroom is a refurbishment of an en-suite bathroom in central London.
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The Client wished to feel like she was ‘outside’, while being indoors in her bathroom. We explored the meaning of ‘outside’ and associated it with ‘nature’.

By studying characteristics of nature and translating them into language of design we aimed to create a space that becomes a metaphor of nature.
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The Indoor Outdoor Bathroom is about transformation and interaction. The plants change volume through time and engage the Client as she witnesses their growth and evolution.
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The reflective, smooth texture and versatile patterns of the Tadelakt walls and ceiling change depending on the lighting conditions and time of the day.

The bathroom provides ambience of tranquility and is a place of rest and well-being.
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The central element of the bathroom is a 3-dimensional fluid trellis made of gold-plated jewellery chains that add femininity to the space and support air-filtering climbing plants.
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Throughout the design process we focused on applying principles of Cradle to Cradle (C2C), reusing elements from the previous fit out and integrating non-toxic, healthy building materials such as a lime-based waterproof plaster, recycled crystallised glass, low VOC paints and C2C certified tiles.
Bilska De Beaupuy Indoor Outdoor Materials
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  • Design

    Bilska de Beaupuy

  • Location

    London, United Kingdom

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  • Awards

    Silver A’Design Award 2018 winner
    2017 SBID International Design Awards finalist

  • Horticultural Consultant

    MRG Studio

  • Plants Selection and Arrangement

    Boma Garden Centre

  • Main Contractor

    MK refurbishment London

  • Tadelakt Contractor

    Tadelakt London

  • Bespoke Shower Wall

    Low Impact

  • Shower Wall Installation

    WOW Glass

  • Bespoke Metalwork


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    Bilska de Beaupuy

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  • Special Thanks

    Paul-Louis Flandrin and Toby Weller from Big Bead Little Bead for advice and sourcing of jewellery chains

    Philippe de Beaupuy

    Michal Wojtkiewicz