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Metal Pyramids
Bdb Exhibition Display Design
Bdb Exhibition Display Design 5
Metal Pyramids are video displays created for Wonder & Water short films exhibition.

The pyramids reflect the films on their internal walls, amplifying the visual experience.
Bdb Exhibition Display Design 3
The Metal Pyramids separate the viewer from the surroundings while creating an intimate one-on-one relationship with the video art.

This separation encourages the visitors to focus on each video, watch it multiple times to discover more with every view.
Bdb Exhibition Display Design 4
The whole assembly is made from laser cut elements and widely available stainless steel fittings keeping the budget low.
Bdb Wonderandwater Video Display3 V03
All the elements of the display are assembled without adhesives so they can be easily disassembled for transportation and reuse or recycled without loss of material quality at end of life.
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  • Design

    Bilska de Beaupuy

  • Location

    London, UK

  • Client

    Wonder & Water

  • Project year


  • Project status


  • Fabrication of bespoke metal elements


  • Visuals

    Bilska de Beaupuy