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Folding House
Concept House Bilska De Beaupuy Detail
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Folding house is a concept exploring movable building envelope that allows to convert outdoor into indoor spaces.

Continuous spiral circulation spine connects internal spaces and rises from the ground floor spa up to the top floor master bedroom.

The building features terraces with panoramic views on to Hollywood and its hills. The outdoor spaces can be transformed into enclosed rooms.
Concept House Bilska De Beaupuy2
Borders of the house are protected by a baleen-like fence that provides privacy, erosion and fire control.

The fence directs rainwater into underground reservoirs that work in symbiosis with the house’s chore, a green tower for interior air cooling, grey-water treatment and bacterial energy production.
Concept House Bilska De Beaupuy Massing Detail
  • Design

    Bilska de Beaupuy

  • Location

    Hollywood, USA

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    Bilska de Beaupuy