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Carpathian Hut
Bdb Carpathian 1
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The hut is a shelter, a large roof over a central circular core.

The design is inspired by traditional mountain Carpathian architecture and its role is to protect from the elements.

Materials are wood, leather, stone and rammed earth.
Bdb Carpathian Section
The hut contains three spaces, all designed to repose and reconnect: a high ceiling fire room, a warm and intimate communal sleeping space, and within the hut’s central circular core, a cave-like bathroom entirely dedicated to bathing and steam.
Bdb Carpathian Interior 1
The large protective roof creates an atmosphere of retreat.

A place where you meet around the fire to share food and conversations or contemplate stars and moon.
Bdb Carpathian Interior 2
The hut opens discreetly to the outdoors with two narrow diamond shape windows.

The less you see from the outside, the more humbled you are by what is outside.
Bdb Carpathian 1
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