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Water Lab Bathroom
Bdb Water Lab Visualisation
Bdb Water Lab Diagram
Water Lab Bathroom has been designed as a visual and interactive laboratory to explore and experiment with water: running, splashing or dripping.

Water Lab Bathroom recycles and reuses maximum number of elements from the existing bathroom that would normally be disposed of.

By rearranging the old items we give them a new value and a feeling of novelty to the Client.
Bdb Water Lab2
This bathroom is a stage for creating patterns using light that penetrates moving water.

The continuous white walls and ceiling become a canvas and the water sources, a painting palette.

The interior colours and patterns are created through reflections and mixing different luminous colour projections.
Bdb Water Lab Visualisation
  • Design

    Bilska de Beaupuy

  • Location

    London, UK

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  • Project status

    Concept Design

  • Visuals

    Bilska de Beaupuy