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Lodge In the Woods
Bdb Cabininthewoods Entrance
Bdb Cabininthewoods Terrace
Indoor and outdoor living spaces are suspended in between constellation of vertical wooden poles giving the feeling of living in-between trees.

The boundary of the lodge is ambivalent as the poles solidify and dissolve creating a solid facade, windows and a terrace.
Bdb Cabininthewoods Sitting3
The lodge provides both a connection to the outdoors through amorphous arrangement of wooden poles and a feeling of security and calmness.

The posts are made of charred timber, a chemical free technique to preserve wood using fire and oil.
Bdb Cabininthewoods Kitchen
The central element is a kitchen stove that works as a kachelofen, distributing radiant heat in the floor void into the bedroom and sitting room.
Bdb Cabininthewoods Summer
The outdoor areas of the lodge can be constantly rearranged depending on the seasons or the Client’s liking. The wooden posts provide support for shading structures, seating, hammocks or lighting.
Bdb Cabininthewoods Fire
Windows provide panoramic views and are equipped with overhangs to allow light in the winter and prevent sun overheat in the summer.
Bdb Cabininthewoods Sitting
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    Bilska de Beaupuy

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    Ardèche, France

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    Concept Design

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    Bilska de Beaupuy