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Bird Observation Tower
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Bdb Morning Star Entrance
The bird observation tower is located on the shoreline of Lake Pape, in the Latvian rural districts of Rucava.
Bdb Morning Star Plan Diagram
The shape of the tower is inspired by Auseklis, a Latvian folklore deity and a symbol of hope.

Auseklis is an eight-sided star with magical powers to understand the secrets of Nature and can be found on traditional Rucava objects.

The star-shaped platform enhances birdwatching experience by increasing the viewing perimeter.
Bdb Morning Star Approach
The tower merges innovation with tradition.

Cradle to Cradle’s philosophy of ‘design for disassembly’ is integrated with local, non-toxic building materials — wood and reed with mechanical steel connections.

Off-site rapid prototyping along with robotic cutting enables building iconic, light and free-form shape with robust structure.
Bdb Morning Star Plan
  • Design

    Bilska de Beaupuy

  • Location

    Pape, Latvia

  • Client


  • Project year


  • Project status


  • Design team

    Bilska de Beaupuy × Agata Banaszek

  • Structural Engineer

    Nous Engineering

  • Diagrams and Visualisations

    Bilska de Beaupuy